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An Introduction to Developer Experience at OVO

What does Developer Experience mean to you? How would you explain it to someone who doesn't work in tech? This has always been something that I have found a challenge during my career as a Developer Experience Engineer - as it can mean something so different across different companies, or even across different teams within the same company!

Tech is such a broad and diverse industry, so if DevEx is something you're interested in I would highly suggest doing some research! A good place to start would be DevX where you can find some great links to podcasts, blogs, articles, events and more.

What does Developer Experience mean to me?

I am very passionate about DX, and to me it simply means to provide a great experience to developers. That could literally mean within development - their tools, processes and technology. But it can also be within other areas that improve the happiness of a developer, such as training, engagement, mentoring, informing, incentivising, progressing, supporting - I could go on!

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I joined OVO at the beginning of January in the Developer Services team - and we are relatively early on in our DevEx journey. Building something great takes time, and being part of a team that is still shaping its ways of working, values and goals is very exciting! I bring with me my own experiences and opinions but also a willingness to learn and grow with my team in our own way.

Putting certain processes/practises into place and seeing them work successfully will be trial and error, and the results won't be instant. Laying the foundations, finding the right people and communicating the mission are all important parts of what will eventually lead to a successful Developer Experience team.

We believe you show up to build the best software possible every day, but friction and waste slows you down. The "you build it, you run it" ethos is easy to understand, but harder in practice.

How will we make DevEx at OVO successful?


If something contributes to the experience of our developers - then we care about it! It is important for me as a Developer Experience Engineer to always be reactive, adapt to changes quickly and to know how our developers think and work.

There are lots of exciting things to come and we can't wait to build something great!

Want to chat about all things DevEx? Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn! Β πŸš€

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