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WFH Engineering Diaries - #4 🏡

For our 4th diary entry we have Tudor Zgureanu who is a Software Engineering Manager at OVO. Tudor sheds light on productivity working from your living room/dining table/cupboard under the stairs (or in his case, coffee table by the sofa).

What is your role here at OVO and what team do you manage?

I'm a Software Engineering Manager currently supporting the Content team (with the aim of spreading our message efficiently to as many people as possible) and the Acquisition team (with the goal of bringing as many members as possible to join our Zero Carbon mission).

How did you find it starting a new job remotely?

This is a good question! It was definitely a "different than normal" feeling and at times a bit challenging but I'd say the whole onboarding process was very smooth and couldn't have gone better in these difficult times. This situation has brought an amazing opportunity for shifting towards remote working and I'm certain that remote processes and ways of working will only get better.

Can you give us some top tips on how to manage a team effectively remotely?

Putting more emphasis on communication and building relationships. These are very useful in general but even more important while working remotely. People need to feel they are supported even though we are not present in the same office.

Be more empathetic. While we are working remotely we shouldn't forget what brought us here in the first place. The pandemic and the lockdown have affected people physically and mentally, to a different extent, and as leaders it is very important we take these things into account and adjust to each situation individually.

Would you recommend anything day-to-day to be productive WFH?

Different people have different things that increase their productivity. Personally all I need is a quiet place and power for my laptop.. and coffee! I also believe it is very important to exercise. This will have a positive effect both physically and mentally which will indirectly improve your focus and productivity.

What have you missed and haven't missed during lockdown?

Things I've missed:

Thanks Tudor for sharing tips which can easily be transferred to job roles even outside of the world of tech!

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