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10% time together

At OVO, our product and tech teams are empowered to spend 10% of their time trying out new ideas and developing skills in ways that benefit the business. This is an opportunity to focus on something outside of planned product delivery. It could mean learning new technical skills to keep pace with th…

Paul Matson Paul Matson

Christmas Tech Fest-ive

Following on from our success of the Tech fest I spoke about here [https://tech.ovoenergy.com/connecting-engineers-across-sites/], we decided to run another version of this event for Christmas, known as Tech Fest-ivities! This gave teams who didn’t have a chance to talk at the last event a platfor…

Emily Ryatt Emily Ryatt

Connecting Engineers Across Sites

At OVO, we have 3 different offices across London housing almost 20 dev teams. Some of these teams work closely together and some of them work on totally separate products and brands around the business. Though these teams have separate product backlogs, they are all engineering teams and the chal…

Emily Ryatt Emily Ryatt